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LDE is leading the digital era in perception and digital advertising, marketing and content monetization Building on over 7 years of innovation, starting with content marketing, we are increasingly leveraging our brand as well as our massive and engaged partners, clients and trainees in order to expand our offerings and our business. Today, we offer clients across Africa, Europe and Asia a range of products and services that include our global standard internet marketing as well as our Beginners guide to digital asset investment and portfolio analysis. Our recently launched digital television is geared towards content monetization, rewarding content owners for their intellectual property. Operating in Africa’s largest economy, our local teams bring innovative mobile-first solutions to multinational companies, local champions, undergraduates and SMEs alike.

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We bring to the market.
  • 1. Branding Solutions

    We offer Brand management solutions to our clients from scratch to finish and as well carry out brand management trainings for persons pursuing a career in that field

  • 2. Digital Marketing Solutions

    Our service includes, integration of digital and social media space management. In marketing we apply machine learning to study consumer behavioural patterns and draw out efficient media planning/buying budget

  • 3. Digital Advertising Solutions

    We offer all aspects of digital advertising i.e native, push, pop, contextual, social clicks, video and mobile applications with no limit to any industry.

  • 4. E-learning

    We are poised at ensuring our clients have the best of hands handle theit project, so we proffer trainings to remote workers prior and on their working cycle, also open to the public for the purpose of learning/certification.


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    A digital agency that believes in the power of creative ideas and great design.

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    At the LDE Digital Institute, we have made it our mission to transform the skills and knowledge of digital burgeoning and already professionals on a global scale. There are three core reasons for this. The first is to advance the careers of marketers, contributors, and strategists. The second is to address the digital skills shortage to ensure businesses have a capable and agile workforce. The final reason is to provide educators with professional certifications that can nurture future generations. We’re as passionate as we are ambitious, and the journey has only just begun…

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